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World Chiropractic Alliance


Website devoted to protecting and strengthening chiropractic around the world.

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SC Chiropractic Association (SCCA)


The website of South Carolina’s State Association devoted to educating the public and keeping both chiropractors and the public informed and up to date.


A website for both the public and the profession for updates and information all things pertaining to chiropractic.


Website devoted to educating the public on the benefits of chiropractic.


The website of the USC facility for all events from concerts to the circus.


Website devoted to safe long term effective weight loss.


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Website devoted to the health of our most precious commodity—our children.


Dr. Cohen’s chiropractic alma mater.  The website is devoted to educating prospective students on life at Sherman College and keeping alumni up to date.


Chiropractics National website devoted to keeping chiropractors up to date on both legislative and educational advancement.

University of South Carolina


Dr. Cohen is the office team chiropractor for the University of South Carolina Fighting Gamecocks.