Cohen Chiropractic Clinic

Be the best you can be, try chiropractic


“I would like to thank Dr. Cohen and his staff for their professionalism and wonderful care.  Cohen Chiropractic Clinic is so friendly that you feel better as soon as you walk in the door!  I was impressed with Dr. Cohen’s diagnosis and his explanation of my medical condition.  Basically, the left side of my body felt as if it were on “pins and needles”.  After 16 decompression treatments over a period of two weeks, I no longer have any tingling sensations.  Thank you Dr. Cohen, Becky and Linda, for making me feel all better.”


Johnnie Rae H.

“Going to law school in my mid-forties was intellectually stimulating but

physically debilitating.  Carrying twenty-five pounds of textbooks in a

backpack daily and sitting for hours studying caused serious back and neck

pain.  I am very grateful for the superb care that I have received from Dr.

Cohen since beginning the practice of law.  Without the regular chiropractic

adjustments and adherence to suggestions he offered for releasing tension

and pressure in my neck, shoulders, and lower back, I would be unable to

function to my fullest ability.  Not only is Dr. Cohen competent and

professional, his staff is terrific as well.  You feel like a friend of

theirs and not simply a patient.  Further, at Cohen Chiropractic, you walk

in without having to make an appointment; you are seen promptly.  Great

service, kindness, and high quality chiropractic care—what more can one ask



Shirley F.

“Even though I have always had lower back pain, I began seeing Dr. Evan Cohen after taking a fall.  Growing up I had an uncle who was a chiropractor, so I knew from experience how much chiropractic treatment can help.


Dr. Cohen treated the injuries from the fall, and I continue to see him for treatment of chronic lower back pain due to a spinal structure irregularity.  His treatment makes it possible for me to continue my regular activities and hobbies which I might not be able to without his care.


Dr. Cohen is very professionally active and stays abreast of, and continually evaluates, developing therapeutic methods.”


David C.

“Through the years, my job as a police office has taken its toll on me physically.  There have been times after long hours on man hunts, I have hardly been able to stand up straight or walk without severe pain in my lower back.  I have come to depend on Dr. Cohen to help me through these times.  He is familiar with my specific needs and knows exactly what I need to have done.   His knowledge as a Chiropractor, the latest therapy equipment and a skilled office staff, make Dr. Cohen my first stop on the road to great chiropractic health.”


Fred P.

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Cohen for more than 10 years.  I was suffering from severe arm and shoulder pain and was contemplating checking into surgery when a friend suggested I give chiropractic treatment a try.   I passed Dr. Cohen’s office on my way to work each day and decided to give him a call and check it out.  I have been a patient ever since.  I won’t claim to be pain-free, but it is much improved and very manageable under Dr. Cohen’s care.  My wife started seeing Dr. Cohen because of issues with her feet.  The treatments she has relieve the stiffness in her feet and improve the mobility in her joints.


We have always been impressed with Dr. Cohen’s care and concern for his patients outside of treatment.  He inspires his patients to live healthy lifestyles to improve their overall health and well-being.


We also enjoy the caring staff at Dr. Cohen’s.  “The girls” go out of their way to see that you are comfortable and feel like part of the family.


Visits to Dr. Cohen are a normal part of our lives.  We hate when we have to miss it!  So do our joints!”


Charlton & Sallie B.

“A friend recommended Dr. Cohen to me a few years ago.  Thankfully, I took their advice and began visiting him for adjustments.  For several months prior to getting adjustments I was unable to stand or sit in any one position for any length of time.  I was stooped over from pain in my lower back and hips.  I am now pain free, a dedicated exerciser, and an absolute believer in chiropractic health and Dr. Cohen. 


He was my support system while losing 70 lbs, after inspiring me to start down that road.  He created a pair of customized shoe inserts to balance out my gait.  I never go anywhere without them.  Hard to believe but my feet don’t even get calluses like they used to.


While you may find other knowledgeable and proficient chiropractors (but none better than Dr. C), you will not find anyone more dedicated to his patients or to excellence in his profession.  His care of and concern for his patients is exemplary.”


Jennifer K.

“Chiropractic has been part of my life since I was a teenager.  However, after moving to South Carolina and becoming a patient of Dr. Cohen's did I full understand the full scope of treatment available.  Doctor Cohen has not only treated my spine, he has also treated my tennis elbow and carpel tunnel non surgically, and has taught me easy to do, preventative exercises to keep the pain from returning.  His advice and treatments are non invasive and I never walk away feeling over treated nor do I feel he hasn't done enough. Dr. Cohen's office has become the first stop for our family, whether it be treating me for the pain and tension from sitting at a desk all day or one of my children's myriad of sports' injuries.”  


Deanna R.

“About twelve years ago I was attending a concert with a few friends, when I noticed I could barely turn my head and neck.  I worked as a data entry operator with the State of South Carolina and my job required a lot of sitting in one position and keying in information.


A friend of mine suggested I try chiropractic care and gave me the name of her doctor.  I have been a patient of Dr. Evan Cohen’s since the incident happened and experienced great results from his care.  My lower back discomfort has also been greatly reduced due to Dr. Cohen’s care along with several specific exercises.”


Carolyn G.

“Thank you very much for seeing me yesterday!  I have never been confident in chiropractic treatment.  I was “a little” skeptical.


However, after my visit yesterday I have changed my mind.  I have had back pain for six months.  For the first time in a long time I feel virtually no pain after only one visit!


I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate it and how great I feel.  I know after a few more visits I will be hitting those golf balls with absolutely no feeing of pain whatsoever.  Thank you very much.”


Amy C.

“This past Fall I came to see you with symptoms of chronic neck pain among other difficulties.  After evaluating my condition you advised me my infirmity was correctable and I began treatments immediately.  During the course of those treatments I was continually blessed by what I experienced at C.C.C.  You and your staff were always friendly, courteous and efficient.  Furthermore I observed the other patients being treated in an identical manner.  Wow!


It might seem silly to you for me to note this but the effect was so dramatic I am compelled to relate this to you.  Most people do not seek medical attention because we are well.  Being in pain or other distress adds much to the burden.  Over the years I have not infrequently had the misfortune of leaving a doctor’s office feeling worse than when I entered.  In sharp contrast however, my experiences at your clinic were always beneficial.


In summary Dr. Cohen, I am writing to say thank you.  I appreciate all you have done for me as well as Betty.  During the brief time I was in your care I saw numerous other folks being helped also.  Moreover I delighted to see you treat your staff with the same degree of dignity and respect you afford your patients.  It is difficult for me to express myself to you without the use of superlatives, Doctor – my goodness!


My hope and prayer is that you along with your staff enjoy a similar familiarity and friendly manner with God who desires you to know Him.  May He richly bless you sir.  I miss talking with you and relating to you as a real person and not merely another patient attached to a clipboard.  You really are a special guy – thanks for being you.”


Patrick M.

“I have been a regular patient of Dr. Cohen for the past five years.  I have found him to be keenly interested in helping me as well as each one of his patients.   It is his desire that each individual who comes to him be properly diagnosed and successfully treated.   I have found him to be reliable and very patient with his clients of all ages.


If he discovers or suspects a problem that is outside of his field of practice, he readily refers the patient to a medical professional whom he trusts.  He has helped me tremendously to deal with pain and maintain an active lifestyle.


I have found him and his staff to be prompt and efficient, caring and capable and always concerned for each patient.


I consider Dr. Evan Cohen to be my friend as well as my chiropractor.”


Lonnie S., September 7, 2010



Johnnie Rae H.