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Meet Dr. Cohen

My name is Dr. Evan Cohen.  By way of personal and educational background, I am a native New Yorker but a "by choice" Southerner.  Upon graduating from Brooklyn College in 1983 with a degree in education, I served as a science teacher in the public schools of New York City for two years.  During that time, I realized that teaching was not what I was meant to do for a lifetime, and after a particularly difficult day at school, my chiropractor suggested I look into chiropractic.  As they say, the rest is history.  I headed to South Carolina, and enrolled at Sherman College in Spartanburg. Four years later, I earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. After graduation I practiced in Dillon, S.C. stayed there a year, and then in 1988, I moved to West Columbia where I practice to this day. 


In terms of chiropractic care, I have advanced training in physio therapy and certification in extremity and sports practice, along with hundreds of hours of continuing education in treating automobile accident victims as well as numerous other relevant topics. This commitment to growing constantly in professional knowledge, along with 26 years of practice, enables me to treat a wide variety of ailments with enormous success.   


I also believe in giving back to the community in which I live.  For example, I have been the team chiropractor for The Columbia Inferno, which is our city’s professional hockey team, since its inception.  I am the official chiropractor at the South Carolina Statehouse and work there every Wednesday during legislative sessions. Additionally, I am the official Chiropractor of the Colonial Center at the University of South Carolina where I have worked on performers from the bands of Kiss, Bruce Springsteen and E street band, Toby Keith, Shania Twain, The Eagles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Jimmy Buffett, Def Leppard, Kenny Chesney, and Nickelback as well as many others.  My favorite performers, though, are the members of Ringling Brothers Circus and the big boys of the WWE.  Their athleticism and commitment to providing their audiences, many of whom are children, with a "big bang for the buck" is inspiring


I also created the “Tee it up for Chiropractic” golf tournament in 1999. This tournament just completed its fifteenth session, and to date we  have collected in excess of $1,000,000 for the advancement of chiropractic in South Carolina.  Further, in terms of my profession, I am a past President, District Director and past Secretary-Treasurer of the South Carolina Chiropractic Association and served on the Board of Directors for 10 years. Presently, I sit on the South Carolina Board of Chiropractic Examiners as the District 2 Representative.  This Board regulates chiropractic care and chiropractors in our state.


As to professional awards, I was awarded the Order of the Palmetto in 2007. This is the highest award given by the State of South Carolina, and only 5 have been awarded in the history of chiropractic in South Carolina.  I was twice honored with the Palmetto Patriot Award, given by the Lieutenant Governor for service to the people of South Carolina.  My fellow chiropractors have voted me  "Chiropractor of the Year" for 2000, 2004, 2005, 2007 and 2012 as well as “Chiropractor of the Decade” in 2010.  My alma mater, Sherman College awarded me their “distinguished service award” in 2004.  I have also won the “distinguished service award from the SCCA in 2002, 2005, and 2009. I won the Presidents Cup award in 2001 and the Silver Star  in 1999. 


In 2005, I was named the “official team Chiropractor” of the USC Gamecocks.  This is the highest professional honor I could achieve, given the fact that I have specialized in sports specific techniques for my entire career.  Using my skills on the athletes at USC is completely gratifying, professionally reassuring, and fulfilling.  Not to mention the most fun thing I’ve ever done professionally.


I thoroughly enjoy getting to know my patients and helping them improve their health through chiropractic care and counseling.  I hope to get to know those of you seeking information through this website, and invite you to visit the Cohen Chiropractic Clinic located at 1832 Augusta Road in West Columbia.  Feel free to call (803) 739-0267, and I, or members of my staff, will be happy to address any questions you may have regarding chiropractic care.

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